“OnLife“ visual technologies for industry

continuous interaction between virtual and interactive reality and the digital and material one

Discover solutions for the creation of a digital “alter ego” for working on fundamental processes of company life.


Enter into the Linkersys ecosystem and exploit technologies for the visual and collaborative management of business processes, from design to marketing.


3D, AR, VR, interactive documentation and systems integration, pure value for our customers, with whom we build the future.

Continuous innovation

Experience first-hand the innovations created by a company that has been in the market for over 27 years.


Euroshop 2023

Euroshop 2023

We participated together with Arneg in the world's leading retail trade fair


Free Webinar

Free Webinar

SAP Visual Enterprise Author
Free webinar

Free webinar

Hands ON

Hands ON

A path / workflow starting from 3D design: a unique technological ``fil rouge'' in Italy.
Quickly connect your users, resolve emergencies remotely from any device and retrieve histories to create technical documentation: all within one click!
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