About us

A 27 years history

Desys was started in 1995 form the project/idea of its two founding partners and current owners of the company: to bring together their shared technical and commercial experiences in order to create a center of operational excellence in the sector of mechanical design and project engineering, providing high-level solutions and services. Our DNA is strongly connected to the world of CAD 3D/PLM, in which, over the years, we have distinguished ourselves by creating over 1500 jobs in the area of Solid Edge technology, and by providing consulting, education, and on-the-job training services to companies in the manufacturing sector.

These precious and fundamental experiences have allowed us to specialize more and more in the management of the processes that guide the product life cycle (PLM). And it is on this path that we continue to pursue our innovation goals. To give a concrete form to our vision we have created Linkersys, a collaborative "visual" web platform for the management and sharing of information in the manufacturing industry. With it, numerous projects have been carried out with important national and international companies.

Desys is a leader in the development of 2D-3D technologies for visual documentation dedicated to technical publications, production instructions, after-sales support and marketing documentation. For these extraordinary and innovative technologies Desys is recognized by SAP as a center of competence on a global level.

Our technologies, already integrated and proven efficient in the world of 4.0 Industry, are the product of our “Best Practices” from over 28 years of experience in the world of manufacturing, and are completed by Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and IoT solutions within the Linkersys ecosystem. Our professionalism, high level of competence, and capacity for continuous innovation has long been recognized by the market.

Desys has ISO 9001:2015 certification in all of its activities, in particular as regards sector EA 37, ensuring the providing of high-quality courses of formation and professionalization, which is in addition to our EA 33 sector certification for Information Technology.

Here is our mission and the values which define us:

  • To provide the finest products, services, and solutions of the highest professionalism, thereby offering more value to our clients, securing their trust and loyalty. We have never left a client “on its own”.
  • To grow, with constant attention to the demands of those markets in which we are already present, and to expand into new areas, drawing impetus from the needs of our clients as well as from our own technologies and competences.
  • To obtain a level of profitability sufficient to finance the growth of our company, and to create the value and resources necessary to reach our business objectives.
  • To consider transformation of the market as an opportunity; to stimulate the emerging needs of our clients through the development and implementation of innovative solutions.

Welcome to our ecosystem: OnLife visual technologies for the industry.