Visual Sales & Marketing

Our solutions devoted to marketing are the almost automatic result of the technologies implemented in production and after sale, with huge advantages in terms of Time-To-Market and optimization of the resources employed daily in your Marketing sector. With VR and AR systems, presentations become something magical.


  • All current solutions for creating renderings are too difficult to use, except by specialists
  • There are too many different types of CAD or variations of products for any single system to manage computerized rendering
  • Photographic sessions are too costly, and often the actual product is not immediately available
  • The need to publish renderings in different formats and to manage them through the web
  • The difficulty of explaining complex operations regarding products to customers, without yet having the prototype available
  • The difficulty in presenting variations of the same product, aimed at sales, without yet having the prototype available
  • The difficulty in finding 3D, VR, and AR technologies that are easy to use

Development approach:

  • A drastic reduction in the costs of creating a prototype of a product and of photographic sessions
  • Improvement in visual communication in all phases of product life cycle
  • Reduction in the costs of outsourcing for the generation of images
  • Achieving a highly flexible degree of communication with the client, without compromising quality, while also lowering sales costs
  • Ensuring that anyone viewing the AR/VR results experiences it as if they were actually standing in a real environment
  • Having the ability to publicize a large number of products with many variations, without the necessity of having the finished product
  • Increase sales of new and already-existing products by offering a higher level of assistance to, and improved communication with, the client
  • Reduce creation time of animations from weeks to minutes
  • Introduce into the company ready-to-use 3D, AR, and VR technologies


  • The Linkersys web collaborative platform utilized for the creation of visual documentation of products yields great value for a business.
  • Thanks to the augmented and virtual reality that we have developed with Linkersys and with our technology partners, our clients are changing the way in which they communicate on the market: virtual showrooms, contextualizing their products in the real world (3D, AR), and presenting their products with 3D and VR animations.