The “digital twin” can be thought of as an evolved application of BIM (Building Information Modeling), that is, a system based on 3D models which provide information for the design, construction, and management of buildings in the most efficient way. In this case, too, we have created within the Linkersys ecosystem specific modules relative to problems regarding asset management, etc.

At the base of the BIM methodology, in addition to the three-dimensional graphic representation of the components that make up the whole "built" and the presence of information, at different levels of detail, relating to these components, the sharing of all this is a fundamental element.

The Linkersys platform succeeds thanks to a plurality of solutions to make all this possible.

3D IFC files also coming from different sources coexist within the technologies we have adopted and connected within the platform with the documentation of the "Company Library", where the digitized documents can be stored and consulted, from the design process to that of construction and management of the "built", a broader term than the mere concept of building.

In summary, the "building file" can be created, according to one's needs, online and always reachable with any type of device.

It is important to highlight that this information contained in the Company Library can be connected to the three-dimensional elements that make up the "built" making their consultation more immediate because it is visual, or, briefly, visually I search for the element of my interest and by clicking on it I have the link to documents concerning him.

Another solution that can be managed thanks to the Linkersys platform is the ability to view virtual and / or real scenarios, thanks to 360 ° rendering or 360 ° photos, creating Virtual Tours that illustrate the surroundings that, in addition to be representative themselves of what they describe, they can be enriched with information also thanks to simple links with, hotspots or sensitive areas, the “visual” documentation (3D, video, AR, VR) and that described above of the library.

Always with a view to the vision of reality brought into the digital world in the Linkersys platform, it is possible to view point clouds, in the most common formats, for example .e57, deriving from laser scans or photogrammetric processes, which together with all of the above allow to have a complete view of the "built".

BIM, asset management and much more ready for use and integrable with any ERP / PLM system.