The creation of 3D digital prototype designs is one of the strong points of our company’s Knowhow, and represents the starting point of every solution

3D design, our DNA, and our thirty years of experience in this area.

We all know that the necessity for innovation, collaboration, and time-reduction in the management of the complexities surrounding product development are common to all manufacturing companies, large or small.

We help our customers in the creation of their “digital twins”, assisting them in definition of metadata, complex-assembly structures, and whatever else is necessary for bringing value to the 3D to be used throughout their company and by their own customers in the post-design phase of product life cycle.

What our solutions offer represents the fruit of our thirty years of experience in the world of 3D design, as well as of some important partnerships which over time have enriched and enhanced our philosophy regarding implementation: Siemens PLM for Solid Edge solutions, Femap and Teamcenter; Alexide, creator of the line of SolidRules solutions (PLM, configurators, MES).

Here, in synthesis, is how we help our customers:
- we provide them PDM/PLM technologies, often ready-to-use
- we automate the operations of the technical office: printing and batch conversions, BOM creation and ERP transformation
- we implement and provide configurators for products for design
- we assist clients in the management of metadata of 3D components
- we perform on-the-job training to assist clients in implementing an efficient and well-structured 3D design
- we help clients to prepare projects for visual documentation

3D represents an enormous patrimony that our customers have in their CAD/PLM systems, which they often use only for the creation of tables for the construction of their products: the intrinsic value involved is potentially much greater, with there being a prospectively vast number of consumers of 3D information: the Production, After-Sale, and Marketing and Sales departments, as well as, obviously, the customers.