IoT Integration

The machine has a problem, and communicates it to our system: the worker will have the visual documentation for resolving it

Both in production and in after-sale and technical assistance services we can interact with the machine’s data in order to have information on anomalies or alarms, interfacing troubleshooting and/or interactive and “visual” documentation within the platform.

More and more in the transition towards 4.0 Industry, the market is teaching us that machines will become ever more intelligent, and will be able to “converse” with documentation systems in order to help workers to resolve problems, both large and small, as well as to perform maintenance. 

In the Linkersys ecosystem there is an IoT module which, through the MQTT service, is able to communicate with the machines and, through simple rules within the platform, understand if the values ​​are problematic or not in order to direct the user to education " visual " correct to solve a problem or to do a corrective or preventive maintenance.

Even more simply, if the error codes are documented, Linkersys will take care of managing them and taking the user, upon receiving the error code, to system troubleshooting and "visual" solutions (video or other) present within it.

Furthermore, the operating values ​​of the machines and / or any other important data for the company can be "graphed" within the system with all the dashboards at your disposal.