After sale

We revolutionized the way in which after-sale departments work, and we’re proud of it!

The hundreds of customers satisfied with our after-sale solutions represents our best calling card!

We revolutionized the way in which after-sale departments work, and we’re proud of it because:
- we drastically reduce the costs of help and support offices thanks to the simplicity and rapidity with which contents can be created utilizing the CAD
- we drastically reduce the learning times of help and support personnel
- we eliminate dependency on the technical office for the creation of technical images and illustrations
- we eliminate time-to-market thanks to the creation of help and support documentation contemporaneously with the development of the product
- we increase customer satisfaction by the creation of light, interactive 3D and/or videos inside our highly detailed interactive user manuals on maintenance, training, and the management of replacement parts, and which are accessible on the web
- we reduce the delivery time of technical illustrations and publications from days to just minutes, thereby improving the accessibility and availability of the files for everyone
- we increase training efficiency through easy-to-follow animated instructions and interactive 3D training in our E-learning systems on the web, introducing 360° Virtual Tour systems utilizing 3D photos or renderings: a true revolution in the area of advanced documentation!
- we simplify the life of our customers through the use of RTA systems, a completely web-based “augmented” remote assistance integrated into Linkersys
- we implement visual descriptions through the Linkersys platform, thereby eliminating all cultural and linguistic barriers
- we transform into Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), or Mixed Reality (MR) anything that you could possibly imagine