The re-use of 3D in production during work cycles, visual BOMs, training and maintenance provide the proper impetus for the digital transformation of a company

The reliability and high performance level of Linkersys and CMMS technologies allow our customers to productively make the transition to 4.0 Industry. This was, for example, the case of Brembo S.p.A., which, starting in 2016, gradually activated our platforms in all of their branches in their worldwide production.

With our collaborative web and visual solutions, you will be able to employ in your production departments 3D and/or visual instructions which allow you to:
- reach maximum efficiency more easily than with any other method, because the visual instructions are easy to follow, even by technicians with limited experience, guaranteeing quality with a minimum of errors during the installation of the implants/products
- create animated instructions for products, facilitating learning within the office through easier memorization, and ensuring coherence in the production processes of every implant/product throughout the world, thanks also to graphic instructions which eliminate the need for multilingual translation; the potentiality of collaborative work via the web is also greatly enhanced
- have 3D which is lighter, as well as easier to see and manipulate, encouraging its utilization by the user, including on the web
- employ innovative tools for the creation of tables, images, icons, and 2D graphics in general, which can now be included in visual documentation, thereby improving clarity and detail
- have the possibility of acceding to 3D CAD information beforehand, allowing the creation of instructions for products before the creation of their prototypes
- shorten decision-making times, and to save wear and tear on the actual prototypes, thanks to the visualization and sharing of 3D images and/or videos with suppliers
- enjoy more rapid realization, with immediately accessible results, of 360° Virtual Tour technologies (including VR) through photos or renderings utilizing 3D
- have enhanced collaboration via the web through the Linkersys platform, thanks to which our customers are free to choose to use 3D web technologies and/or videos or visuals on every device (PC, Smartphone, tablet) and on every operating system (iOS, android, Windows)
- have the possibility of transforming (on demand) the technologies utilized in Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR)

We have, moreover, developed a sophisticated CMMS software solution (Computerized Maintenance Management System), that:
- centralizes information regarding maintenance
- facilitates the processes of maintenance operations
- assists in optimizing the utilization and availability of physical assets, such as machines, communications, building infrastructure, etc.

This solution will soon be “featured” in the Linkersys ecosystem.