Virtual reality

Ready-to-use technology

3D in the virtual world becomes an extraordinary tool for design review, the training/maintenance, and the presentation/configuration of your products.

Using 3D, also with the reutilization of multimedia components deriving from 3D visual documentation (interactive 3D, videos and images), you have the possibility, through our Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, to:

  • transport directly into VR the whole of your design creations for the appropriate Design Review, both within your team and with your customers
  • present your products/machines/lines to the sales/customer sector through the creation of a Virtual Showroom
  • create assembly instructions for the production, maintenance, etc. within the VR world
  • introduce into the VR world contents from the real world
  • utilize VR configurators
  • activate VR, navigating within our Linkersys platform

With these technologies, the results and efficiency are truly amazing. It’s something to be experienced: in just a few minutes, we are able to visualize your 3D within VR visors!
We are certified for all of the most-utilized VR visors on the market (Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality).