3D Visual documentation

From 3D, the most efficient “visual” documentation ever

By visual documentation we mean everything that can be obtained by re-using 3D design models within the company that is then transformed into documentation: interactive 3D, videos, technical illustrations, HDR renderings, etc., using the appropriate tools. The objective is to eliminate all cultural and linguistic barriers by using the “visual” methodology to display the product to be brought onto the market: beginning with the design, then moving to production, then to customer service, and finally to the actual marketing of the product!

The Visual Documentation technologies of SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author effectively utilize the 2D and 3D CAD data of the design to create high-quality images in technical documents, such as assembly instructions and user manuals. Moreover, interactive 3D animations and videos can be created to illustrate maintenance, repairs, production assembly, and anything else necessary for training purposes regarding a product.

CAD systems have markedly reduced the time necessary for the design and development of new products. The challenge now is that of reducing the time necessary for bringing these products onto the market (product production and support). We have developed within our organization the skills for assisting our clients in the creation of their visual material and to provide services upon request, thanks also to our technical background regarding CAD and PLM. The results of this work have been truly extraordinary; we have changed and redefined the way in which many of our customers manage their technical documentation.

Thanks to the Linkersys collaborative web platform, we can create true multimedia platforms, which combine the traditional way of consulting a technical manual with a new capability offered by technological evolution. An innovative solution that combines information efficiency and efficacy, a single environment comprising the entire area of production and after-sales, while also offering the opportunity of having access to on-line training (E-learning), 3D Training (state machines for instruction), and AR/VR Training (Augmented/Virtual Reality Training).