Visual design communication

Today we understand that, in many situations, the visualization of data is no longer a question of a “simplified and rapid approach”, but that it also always more represents the most coherent way of mediating between the “world of data” and our cognitive qualities as human beings. 


  • Revision in design, including consideration of users having no familiarity with CAD systems
  • Communication during the design process presents difficulties because the graphics, texts, and feedback are often separated from the 3D
  • Communication with suppliers and potential customers during the design phase is often difficult without the right level of web collaboration
  • Product information isn’t easily shared with people who are internal and external to the environment in which the product itself is developed

Development approach:
Increase the value of visual design in order to:

  • Improve product quality through feedback from suppliers and customers involved in the design process
  • Share the 3D designs through web collaboration with the use of PMI (Product Management Information). The number of errors will be reduced thanks to the combination of graphics, texts, and 3D
  • Improve the efficiency of design revisions, allowing easy 3D navigation of even complex models, involving all of the personnel involved in the development process

Thanks to the Linkersys collaborative web platform and the WebGL 3D Viewer, our customers have the ability to use 3D and web technology on any device (PC, smartphone, tablet) and on any operating system (iOS, Android, Windows).