The SAP 3D Visual Enterprise plugin for the management of metadata and the uploading of 3D replacement parts in the Linkersys ecosystem

ASAP is a SAP Visual Enterprise Author plugin, conceived explicitly for the resolution of problems regarding product structure for Production, After-sales assistance, and Marketing, directly from design 3D files

With a single click and a simple excel file, you can rename all of the components of your product list and add technical, commercial, or purely informational data. Again with a single click, you can generate 3D images of all the components of your product list or of specific levels. It becomes easy to manage the structure of the visual BOM (Bill of Materials) connected to the structure of a product throughout its entire lifecycle.

In just a few simple steps you can configure the plugin to manage all of the information necessary for your After-sales Department to provide a rapid and efficient service of assistance, and with information that is always up to date. This is also true for the BOM regarding production and correlated instructions for use (worksheets, cycles, etc.).

Automatically, the system foresees the upload of 3D Spare-Parts catalogues on Linkersys. Here are its principal features:

  • Management of the tree of the 3D-BOM element (renaming of components)
  • Management of the metadata of 3D components through Microsoft Excel
  • Metadata/Linkersys mapping
  • Automatic upload of BOM/3D onto Linkersys catalogues (Spare-Parts and 3D Catalog)
  • BOM file splitting
  • Management of exportation level of BOM/3D