Carer Forklift

A range of counterbalanced electric forklift trucks which can provide top performance levels with considerable savings on running costs

Carer Forklift, a leader in the production of electric forklifts, wanted to acquire a new instrument for After-sale management, with an integrated solution regarding 3D replacement parts.

Carer’s clients, simply by navigating their products in particular protected areas of the system, are able to use the online service of technical part-replacement, clicking on the 3D component and/or component group linked to the serial number of their acquired product and to the 2D tables of some components.

“With Desys, we have implemented a simple and effective solution which brings marked benefits to our clients and a perfect integration with our 3D design systems. With this technology, we no longer need to produce design drawings of every single designed group, but we restructure the replacement group thanks to SAP 3D Visual Enterprise, and, with a click, we upload the data into the Linkersys web system. Within the Linkersys web platform, the client can navigate the spare-parts tree, and within the 3D environment – without the client having to download any plugin – they can go on to select the component, and with a simple “add to shopping cart”, and then “checkout”, the list of ordered replacement parts arrives to our company, which is then immediately processed by our ERP system.”

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