It’s simplicity of use is fantastic

To be able to extend to clients a 3D tool for the management of replacement parts that is both simple and effective.

“With this system, you can rapidly manage an entire plant line with a click from SAP 3D Visual Enterprise, to read without any misunderstanding 3D component groups from the design, and to elaborate it for the management of spare parts, avoiding the development of design drawings of the entire line that would take weeks to do.”

Together with Desys, the intention is to develop other themes related to After-sale services, with the activation of other Linkersys modules. MTC, a leader in machine construction for the transformation of paper, has been followed by Desys since 1999, with the implementation of Solid Edge 3D CAD, and then with the SolidRules PDM system.

MTC adopted the Linkersys collaborative web system and the SAP 3D Visual Enterprise visual 3D technology for the management of spare parts in the production lines provided to its clients.

With Linkersys Advanced CMS and Spare Parts Management, the customer navigates on the plant line, and can consult the documentation and replacement parts of every single module of the line.

The Visual BOM (Bill of Materials) of every single module of the line is managed in Linkersys, and by simply clicking on the 3D component desired and placing it in the shopping cart, the customer can receive a price listing from MTC. The customer can, moreover, insert their own codes into the system, assisting maintenance management in the factory.

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